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DaVinci Academy is set at an elite magnet school, where over-scheduled students deal with the pressures of heavy workloads and high expectations. As they face their end-of-quarter exams, the world as they know it is forever changed – a shooter is in the school. Seven students are on lockdown in a classroom with their teacher. As the shooter gets closer and closer to their room, we learn more about the students and their plans for the future – through flashbacks and dream sequences. Tension escalates as the shooter enters their room. The event is soon over but leaves the students in shock and in pain. The juxtaposition of normal high school life with the trauma of a school shooting gives a glimpse into what students are facing today. But in the end, this traumatic event brings the students closer together as they embrace life.

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Music & Lyrics by Luciano Salvatore
Book by Greg D'Alessandro

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